In today's tech-savvy society, Automation has become an expected feature in cars, telephones, and our lifestyle in general.  Complete Home Automation is the pinnacle of technology working for you, saving energy while providing easy access to the complicated features what we deal with on a daily basis.  Lighting scenes are controlled with a single button, and graphical touch screens provide complete access to everything in a house, from TV's, Audio, Air-conditioning, Irrigation, Security, Cameras, Appliances, Drapes, Gates, Garage Doors, etc..  The list is endless and keeps growing as new products come to life.  Rather than various automated systems with different controllers and remotes, Vantage uses one stable interface to control all of these with impressive style.  Vantage Home Automation offers the most comprehensive, robust, stylish and complete control of a house, either from inside the home, or from remote locations.